The List

It goes and goes
Being added to daily
The List

Everyone has been gifted one
Some short
Some a bit longer
We never really get to finish anything
That’s been placed on
The List

To some it is seemingly endless
But end, it does
When one day…
The bucket is kicked
And time stands still
For that one second

Live your list



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10 thoughts on “The List

  1. Hey lady I see what you did there- with the list and the truth or dare….clever ☺Also I cannot function without a list- how sad is that! (Don’t answer)

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  3. Hi Shelley! Great to Cyber meet you.I want to like this but for some reason even though I am a wordpress person I cant. So I cant ‘like’ any bloggers posts. Anyway I like your post. Just putting it out there. My technological limitations have now forced me to converse via comments.

    1. We buried someone not much older than ourselves this weekend past…This got me seriously thinking. Lists (in so saying, lives) are becoming shorter and shorter. Seems we really do need to live our best life.

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