The Thing About Relationships…

It’s hard hard work.  Especially the romantic kind.  The personal touch has somehow disappeared.  We are too caught up in the media part and neglecting the social.  I am no relationship expert but after seven years of marriage I have learnt that I am still learning.


We meet someone.  Develop feelings.  (For most) there’s a proposal.  We plan a wedding.  Get married.  Then happily ever after, right?  Wrong.  I think most people get so caught up in the whole planning the wedding thing that they never stop to think about the actual marriage.  The honeymoon does have an end, you know.



Some things to consider should be:

– Are we really ready for this?

– Children. Yes? No? How many?

– Children.  If not biologically possible what options do we have?  Science vs. adoption?

– Finances.  Yours? Mine? Ours?

– Expectations and roles

– Time.  How do we spend it?


Notice I said “we”?  You see, once you’ve said “I do” that “I” becomes “we”.   It’s a two-way-one-way street.  Your partner’s needs become your own and vice versa.  Mutual respect and kindness is so important.

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That goes for all relationships really.  Mutual respect, kindness and an attempt at understanding one another.  The many relationships we have really are hard work but can be so fulfilling if we truly invest ourselves in them.  If we do this it becomes easier.


The question is are we willing to invest of ourselves?



***the featured image for the post is from my wedding album taken by the fantastic Jilda from Jilda G Photography in December 2009 (when I was more of a feather).


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  1. Beautiful about relationship. The financial aspect can be a problem in relationship. But talking to each other and sharing each others finances I think can be a good thing!

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