Through the Looking Glass


Through the looking glass I once fell
Fell into despair as the horror show that was my life
Unfolded before me



My woebegone pitiful existence marred more
By the sheer audacity of your presence
Shadowing my every movement



Through the looking glass I stared
I evaluated my life
Questioned The One, “Is this it?”



The answer rang clear
You’re more than you think
More than just a figment of My imagination



You are capable of much
I believe in you
Will you be audacious and believe too?



Stand proud and tall
You’ve sacrificed much
And overcome even more



Open your eyes
See what I see
Woman. Strong.



Raise yourself up from your thoughts
Dwell upon them no more
Rise up! Step out!



Now I finally see
The greatness I have within
The mire gone, it’s clear to see
Through the looking glass





©SHELLEY SMIDT-BOOYS 2016.  All rights reserved.


This post is part of a tandem series I do with Celeste (Surviving Jonkersville) and Chevone (Chev’s Life).  We meet like this every Thursday at 1pm.  

What goes through your mind when you look at yourself in the mirror?  Do you ever really really look?  Every now and then we need to look through the looking glass…not just at it.


I’ve decided to link this post to The Blog Tag as well as the theme for this week is “Inspire“.  The writing prompt for this post is Monday Motivation.  I know it’s not Monday…but sometimes we have more than one Monday in a week (if you catch my meaning) and sometimes just need that little reminder that we’re worthy and able so why the higgins not?


Thank you for reading and, as always, God bless.



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