Truth or Dare

Would you want to one day
Realise you live without any say
In who you’re destined be

Would you want to some day
Realise you’ve lost your way
Meandering through life aimlessly

Wouldn’t you rather just, right now
Open your eyes and see how
You could more than just exist…

More than just be
Who others destine you to be…
Wander through this life with no true identity?

I guess my question is
Truth or Dare?

Will you be true to life designs for you
Or life designs by you?
What do you say?

Would you rather live in a sleep-state
Or dare to live your list?
Do you even have a list (created by you)?

So what will it be?
Truth or dare?
Will you be true to yourself?
Will you dare to live?

The decision is yours…

Truth…or dare

Thank you for reading today’s Tandem Blog post, “Truth or Dare”. Please check out my co-conspirators Celeste @ Surviving Jonkersville and Chevone @ Chev’s Life. Today we have a guest joining us, Fazila Carriem of Chasing Dreams

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