What’s Cooking

She decided today is the day.  She had to know.  She would just come right out and ask him.  As he walked by she stopped him.  “So…I’ve been wondering… What is it you’re really into?  I’ve been watching you walk down this road, hands in your pockets with your face down for the last two weeks.  At the same time every day.”

He looked at her as if he’d just seen a ghost.  How could he explain to her?    It was the only way.  How else could he get his fix?  “Just walking by, you know, for exercise”, he said hoping she’d buy it.  She looked at him skeptically and asked, “Dressed like that?  No one walks “for exercise” dressed in jeans and boots.  What are you really into?  Are you into something illegal…or something?”  She couldn’t help it.  She had to know.  It was unnerving the way he walked by face down every day.  The only time he looked up was to glance at her house.  She made sure he didn’t notice.  She’d die of embarrassment if he figured she was ogling him as if he were a juicy piece of meat.  She couldn’t help herself.

He’d moved in five doors down about three months ago.  One look at him and she was hooked.  Two weeks ago she walked into him at the corner store.  There was just something about him that drew her in.  He backed out before she could start up a little conversation with him.  Since then, the only time she saw him was when he walked by her house looking all shady.   She really would like to at least get his name.

“What’s really the deal?”, she asked him.  “What’s cooking?”  He looked up then.  Straight into her eyes.  The way he was looking at her… the butterflies in her tum could not be tamed.  “What’s cooking?  I’ve been walking by here everyday since I saw you at the store…trying to muster up some courage”.  Was she hearing right?  Courage?  Courage for what?  “Please let him like me!  Please let him like me!” was all that was going through her mind.   She hoped she didn’t look like a hopeful puppy right about now.  He looked at her then.  His hazel eyes piercing into her soul, “What’s cooking?  Since I first saw you you have me hooked.  On you.  I walk by with the intention of knocking at your door but would get spooked at the last minute.  But, since you’re here before me now…Would you go out with me?”

“What’s Cooking?”  is today;’s installment for our Tandem Blog.  Please have a look at what Celeste and Chevone has to offer.  Thank you for reading.

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