Who is The Deal Is?

That’s a great question…

Accountant. Entrepreneur. Blogger. Writer. Chronic over-thinker.

I would say that’s me in a nutshell…but that would not be true.


I started this blog as a means to organise my thoughts.  I was young and needed to vent…thoroughly.  Instead what happened was my venting turned into poetry…which grew into me spewing myself all over the interwebs with gusto. Sharing my opinions in rhyme or tale.  Giving just a taste of my essence.


I have always been an artistic being.  Extrovert to the world but, really, an introvert by nature. I use this space to allow you a glimpse into my soul.


This space is not just mine…but yours as well.  I have learnt that when I motivate others I am really motivating myself.  I have come to realise that my thoughts are not mine alone but that there are others who share some of my weirdly wonderful musings…And so we learn from each other.  Through this platform I have learnt that although the world is a dark dark place…there is still so much light.  That we should not shut ourselves out completely but allow for a little adventure.


I have learnt that we are differently similar (or similarly different) and that we are not alone.





So, who is The Deal Is?


I am the friend you can count on to be honest.  I am real.  I am a loyal fan…because your life matters. You matter.


The deal is – you, your life, your feelings and your growth.


A pleasure to make your acquaintance 🙂




#thedealis…Spreading she-power since 1981…(yes, she-power is a thing).  Spread some she-power with me.  It’s easy.  When you think to PHD (pull her down) rather HHU (help her up).  Kindness begets kindness.  Go ahead. I dare you.  Try it out for size…you might just surprise yourself.



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10 thoughts on “Who is The Deal Is?

  1. What a pleasure it is going on this journey with you, thank you for inspiring me to do the same instead of just venting on facebook

    1. I’m a serial venter (not the trailer…but someone who vents). Your work is fantastic cuz. You have no idea. I am loving watching you grow. So…the pleasure is all mine.

  2. I love your writing style, the fluidity and informal feel. I will be following your blog to learn and unlearn the academic style I tend to turn to.

  3. I am glad you decided to start the journey – documenting your thoughts.
    Often you need to get those thoughts out to make space for new ideas. Well, that’s just me 🙂
    Hello you

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