You Are Worthy

That’s right.  You are worthy.


So often we walk through life feeling less-than.  We crutch along on that inferiority complex we hold so dear.  We beat ourselves down to a pulp and allow others to do the same.  We deny ourselves freedom to be.


It’s time to let go.  It’s time to give yourself the right to breathe.  To not just survive but to live.  Create goals for success.  Goals that only you can measure.  Whilst the opinions of others may be used to inform it should not be the primary standard for measurement.  Only you can measure your success.  Come out from behind the shadows.


Learn to like yourself.

Grow to love yourself.

Reach for your goals.

Know that you are worthy of love, respect and your definition of success.


You are worthy.







©Shelley Smidt-Booys 2016


This post was written using the writing prompt: “The best piece of advice you can give anyone”.



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