Instrument to the Heart

Do I play a musical instrument? Depends on who you ask. I play a little keyboard (badly) and about three chords on the guitar. The instrument I use most though is one one does not play...My voice. I sing. When I was younger I wanted to be a star. You in lights and all of that. The only problem was that I hated the fact that everyone looked at me when I sang.


I joined a blogging community called The Blog Tag. Every week we're given a new theme. The aim is to help bloggers with inspiration for their posts. This week is Art Week. We're also given writing prompts every day. The writing prompt for this post is "What is Your Favourite Art Form?". You may be able to tell from the title...I LOVE music.


So...The Blog Tag has us really thinking. This is Literature Week and the prompt for this post is "Lyrics". Now, I love music. I love quotes. I love all things philosophical. This had me thinking...what would be the lyric that I would want share?