Apparently I’m Obese…

So, you know how everyone is all bent on being healthy?  I’m one of those who would love to be on that craze but I have one slight problem…I friggin’ adore food!  I’m tall(ish) and a little on the wide side and have one of those dense bone-structures that cannot be hidden in a photo and already know my BMI is not favourable (how many South African’s really are….we’re not exactly small people even though all our clothes are made in China).  Side note to retailers…stop importing clothes and create jobs for people here at home.  I would love to be able to walk into a store and just take something off the rack.


So in my quest to at least try this healthy living thing I decided to go onto the Samsung Health app on my mobile phone.  Almost two years and this is the first time I even bothered to open it.  I logged in my age, height, weight and body fat % (which is shocking) and I am five points over the acceptable BMI level.  So…apparently I am obese.  I do wonder, however, if deducting a few kilo’s for boobage is allowed because then I’d feel much better about my results for sure.


So now I have committed to go walking in the evenings (let’s see how long that lasts – committed is being used loosely) and to eat healthier (it is easy in summer, dunno about winter though).  Try to lose 5kg at least just so I can feel semi good about myself knowing it’s not going to last because chocolate and chips.


All jokes aside I really do want to lose a few centimetres because that is what really counts.  As I said, I’m a big-boned girl and will always be heavy.  But I will surely try to be leaner.  Being more deliberate about what I feed my face.  Especially those office lunches.  It really is easy to just order off an app on my phone and wait for the food to get to me.  Not much effort involved there.  No need to be skinny just more comfortable in my skin.  That’s good, right?  Of course, right!


I know I am not the only one who struggles with this.  It’s just one of those things that men and women struggle with.  It’s amazing though how one’s body changes with seasons and events in one’s life.  How some of us (like Big Bertha me) are not meant to be thin.  And how others I know are not built to be big ever.  Your genes have a huge part to play in determining your jeans.  The biggest thing about this whole weight thing is to be happy with the skin you’re in.  If you’re not happy do something about it.  Healthily.  Ask for help if you need it.  Find like-minded people and join forums.


Love yourself the right way.









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