Thankful Mother Hen

I am a woman in my thirties.  I have borne no children…yet, I am not childless.

I am true believer that it takes a village to raise a child.  Therefore, I have the tendency to adopt friends children as if they were my own.  My children are witty, smart-mouthed, stubborn and funny.  I wouldn’t have them any other way.

On weekday afternoons I am privileged to have the company of a particular fourteen-year-old who just started high school this year.  I oversee homework and feed his young mind with loads of useless information whilst his mouth devours sandwiches made by my hand.  The way he views the world fascinates me.  It gives me some hope that we have a fighting chance with our young being able to reason…until he says something very teenager-like.  Fridays are especially fun because it is Musication day.  I try to introduce him to as many genres of music as possible.  We’ve discovered that he really enjoys Neo-Soul, House and Smooth Jazz.  Not something I thought a young lad would like.

He has a nine-year-old brother who is fast becoming the smart retort king.  He is one of the sweetest boys ever.  One day, not so long ago, I took him, his brother and their cousin for take-aways.  I let the kids give their orders.  My rule is that if I pay, I do not carry.   I’m a stickler for manners, so when we received our order Big Bro said “thanks” with the “let’s get out of here” voice.  Little Bro turns to his cousin, perturbed, and says “you didn’t say “thank you””.  He (Little Bro) then turns to the lady who served us, and with a huge smile on his face and proceeds to say, “Thank you, Aunty” and turns to leave.  Boy, did my heart burst with pride!  The lady flashed a brilliant smile.  That little boy probably made her day (seeing as manners are so lacking these days).

Another friend of mine has a soon-to-be two-year-old son who is like a ray of light.  Watching him jump to the beat of the drums in church brings me so much joy.  I love that he thinks he’s the cleverest thing ever…and oh, how cheeky he is!  Sunday service done and he gets behind the drums like a pro.  He’s not half bad either…for his age…He can almost beat in time.  It’s utterly adorable.

Our latest addition is just a week old.  Today I went to see her for the first time.  I fell in love instantly.  She is so beautiful and smells so good.  Getting to know her is going to be so much fun.  Glad I don’t have to change any of those diapers on the daily, though.

I have the privilege to have amazing friends who treat me as an extension of their family.  They entrust their children to me…allowing me to share in their trials and triumphs.  Sharing in achievements and pride.  Providing me with free babysitters when I eventually have children one day (Big Bro has already been informed that he’s first in line to perform that task as payback for the grey hairs he gives me…He is none too pleased).

None of these children come from my womb.  All of these children have my heart.   I have a fantastic village.  I’m a very lucky girl.

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4 thoughts on “Thankful Mother Hen

  1. A great big thank you to you all all like minded people like you. We parents appreciate the village approach like you won’t believe.

    Keep on going and congrats on your new addition to your family 🙂

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