New Year, New Me? … Really?

Today marks the start of a new year.  A new beginning.  Another second chance.  How many of us truly grasp the idea that we can start anew…so to speak.

I do not believe in making New Year’s Resolutions.  To me it’s just a farce unto ourselves.  I resolutely do not make resolutions.  I have hopes for the year ahead.  I have plans I need to action.  I give myself a new challenge and take it day-by-day.

I plan to grow my business.  I hope to melt my insulation (that which once upon a time was muscle).  I aim to become more active.  I will attempt to think before I speak (which is a very difficult thing for me to do, really).  In essence, I will just pick up where I left off.  Nothing new – except for the business.

This is a new year.  I’ll work on the only me there is.  I like me.  A tweak here and there, but hey, that’s the same for all of us, right?  With God on my side I think I’ll do alright.  He’s kept me thus far.

So cheers to 2014…it’s been real.  Hello 2015…show me whatcha got!

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