The “Stay-At-Home” Person

I am currently a “stay-at-home” wife. I have no kids so the “mom” bit had to be replaced.  It’s hard work…really, it is.  I find that I clean house a heck of a lot more.  There’s always something that needs doing.  And  a little child that needs all her mom’s attention.  My child has four legs and a patch-eye.  She barks at every wagging tail that passes our house. She’s quite adorable until she does the shrill “there’s an intruder” bark which is reserved for humanoids passing by.

I find it fascinating that so many people pass my home during the day.  I wonder to myself “Why? Do they not work?”  Every now and then I would go for a drive out for the essentials…sugar, milk and bread. That reminds me…I forgot to buy salt again…Anyway, I go out for the essentials and I see all these other beings out shopping.  The mall is mid-morning packed. I don’t get it.  I assumed most people would be at work during office hours.  Or are there just so many stay-at-home people?

It makes me wonder about the unemployment rate.  I use the term “stay-at-home” for myself but essentially, I’m unemployed.  So I literally go to the mall for the essentials.  How is it that there are so many young people trolling the malls during working hours when some look like they should be at school.  Others look like there is a university or college with their name on a register somewhere (we all did the bunking class thing at some point.  Okay, most of us did…).  Then there are those that are just…well…there. While I understand that there is a real problem with unemployment in our country I also need to look around and see that there are those who just absolutely have no desire to be employed.  They’d rather just exist in this world without any real purpose.  It also makes me wonder at how many parents play the part of enabler to these kids.  How is society failing them?  Are we producing a lazy generation?

Countless times I’ve heard of or listened to older people working for their children when they should be enjoying their retirement.  So many of them say they cannot stop working because the state pension would not be enough to feed the family.  They say this whilst complaining about a post-pubescent child still living at home (along with the fruit of their loins) just refusing to work or not being able (interpret ‘”wanting”) to hold a job down.  They expect their parents to maintain them and their young families.  They receive social grants and use it for their own hedonistic pleasures.  Not caring that mom has to go out and work so the grandchildren can have something warm in their bellies and a roof over their little heads.

I worry about what happens to said grankids when Gramma or Gramps is no longer there to take care of their needs.  Will they just become another generation dependent on grants with no work ethic?  My hope is that they will follow in the footsteps of those who took care of their basic needs: food, love and care.  Work for what you want in life whether it be material or other.  But work.

Whilst there are many people who are legitimately unemployed there are also those who are unemployed by choice.  I hope they will one day learn the joy of working and receiving a wage or salary at the end of the week, fortnight or month for work done. Being rewarded for accomplishing something.  Getting up on a cold winter’s morning when you could be snuggling under the covers and being indoors on a blissful summer’s day when you could be lazing at the beach is a real accomplishment.  But the greatest reward is in knowing that you earned it.  That’s for me anyway.

Not many things in life are free.

One cannot always be on the receiving end.

Sometimes one needs to give to receive.

Giving can be a great experience…sometimes the receiving can be just so much greater.

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