Woman, Arise!

Woman...Arise! _thedealis.co.za

Young girl, raise your voice
You are to be seen
We are to rejoice
Because of your being
You make this world brighter
Your smile like the sun’s ray
Born a fighter
Entering each new day


Young lady, raise your hand
You are to be heard
We are to rejoice
For all you have earned
You make this world clearer
By the works of your hand
The message you deliver
Taken with a firm stand


Woman, raise yourself
For all to see
You are no commodity
But a fellow human being
You bring life to us all
Nurture and care
To violate a life-giver
We should not dare


Woman, raise yourself
For all to see
Our mother
Our daughter
Our sister
Be free


Woman. Arise!















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16 thoughts on “Woman, Arise!

  1. I love this poem because it spreads such an important message about female empowerment.

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for this poeme for us women to be proud and take confidence of being a women. Its not a mans world we are living…its womens world but we dont have the confidence to take that role.

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