A People Lost

A People lost
With all the time
But no space


Rootless regardless
Of heritage denied


A vision of those
Who have gone before


The raped
The tortured
The ridiculed
The abused


A People united
Divided together
A familiar
Local foreigner


A Nation unclaimed


A People of wealth
Of strength
Of heart


Derivative of hate
Of commodity
Of life
Of death


A People diffused
By confusion


Related to all


We are you
You are a part of me
Divided we are one
United we grow


Into you
And you into me
Us together


A People that never was
Who isn’t now
But will forever be


A vision of those
Who have gone before


A People lost
With all the time
But no space


A People of hope
A People of courage
A People of colour
A People called Love



┬ęShelley Smidt-Booys 2016



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7 thoughts on “A People Lost

    1. Thank you! You you got one aspect right. It is partly about refugees and those seeking a better life here in South Africa but also it is for the mixed-race folk across the world who for are perceived to have no heritage. Our heritage stems from all. We are a part of all. Race should not matter. At the end of the day we’re all people who hurt, love and bleed the same.

    1. Thanks! This is the product of a years’ long reflection. Finally wrote it a few days ago and couldn’t decided whether to post or not. I wasn’t sure if the people it’s meant for would get it.

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