life in seasonal love

there have been 4 season’s in this year…

summer with it’s joy and laughter and heat as we danced around in the february sun
then along came autumn with it’s breeze as the trees are undressed from their dying leaves
and it ushers in winter.  the cold desolation of all life forms weeping in agony in total despair
with nowhere to go until in gusts spring with the rebirth.  the change.  the come about of life anew
the hope of things to come so to speak.  when we look forward to a new summer
when it all starts over again…

in ife’s 4 seasons…is love’s 4 seasons

and now my love…i am in spring

in spring with you

i’ve had my autumn and bitter winter
my desolation is a thing of the past

with you came my spring
and i look forward to our spectacular summer
which i hope will last always

for you are my summer.

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