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It’s the end of another epic week on The Blog Tag.  Art Week allowed us to really get to the heart of all things…well..Art.  Here is the Q&A for this week.


Art Grafitti

So after the week in review we can finally get to what you are here for, the Art Tag Questions:


1. Are you an Art Lover, if so which art-form?

 A: I love all art-forms…however…I have a serious love affair with music.

      It’s not something I can explain.


2. Share one of your works of art with us, if you don’t mind.

A drawing of  a Toco Tucan I did some moons ago.  Not my best but I like it.


3. Share your favorite piece of art with us. (Your own, or someone else’s)

A:  I love this painting.  Have no idea what it’s called.  It hangs in my lounge (where everything is in earth tones with splotches of red).  It somehow quietens me.  



Please follow the following links, and tell us what your first reaction/feeling/thought was when viewing the picture (You can write a tiny backstory if you want to):

4. Shooting Star


5. Peace and tranquility



6. Sinister


7. What is your favorite Art movement?

A. I love Post-Impressionism (might have this wrong).  Seamless and magical.

Starry Night over the Rhine
“Starry Night Over the Rhine” –  Vincent van Gogh


8. Do you feel like art should evoke emotions? If so, do you think it should be used for positive (Inspiring, Memories, Light-Hearted) or negative emotions (Bring awareness of social issues, bring to light injustice etc.) ?

A. Art should definitely evoke emotions, whether negative or positive. Art is emotion.   Many a socio-political movement was aided by art.  Music, paintings, sketches, poetry…so many different forms used to bring about awareness of pain and suffering.  Used to lift spirits of oppressed peoples.  Used to unite people working together toward a common goal.  Art was and is at the heart of every movement.


9. Would you ever comment on political/social affairs via your art? If you have, please share the artwork with us.

A. I tend to use the art of writing to highlight spousal abuse and bullying.  I have never been beaten.  Thank goodness I have a husband who would never force his hand on me.  I can but only imagine what so many are going through that I almost feel the 16 Days of Activism campaign is not enough.  When I was younger our youth group worked at a shelter for battered women and children.  It opened my eyes to a world I was bling to.  The only way I know to highlight this issue is via the pen.

Missing  – a piece focusing spousal abuse

Then there is the bully issue…It saddens me that so many take their own lives because of the way someone else treats them.  I have been bullied and, thankfully, came out stronger. Some are not as fortunate.

My Open Letter To…The Bully


10. Do you consider yourself to be an artist?

A. Most definitely!


11. Name everything you consider to be art.

A. Well…what isn’t art?  Art is a matter of perception, isn’t it?  Whether is the obvious or not.  We are creative vessels.  It’s all about the vehicle we choose to use.  I use music, sketching, painting, design, photography, and words…also did musical theatre at some point.


12. Make a mess, even if it’s just on an A4 paper, on paint or a table you work on, take a photo and show us your beautiful mess.Sketch


Assign Feelings to the following colours :

  1. Paynes Grey  – Sombre
  2. Deep Violet – Thoughtful
  3. Luminescent Green – Anxiety
  4. White – Peaceful
  5. Black – Melancholy



  1. Paint or Pencil
  2. Anger Art or Peaceful Art
  3. Words or Images – Both
  4. Cartoons or Sculptures
  5. Happiness or Sadness (Subject Matter)
  6. Tons of Texture or Smooth Surface



I have had so much fun on The Blog Tag this week.  Cannot wait to see what’s in store for next week.  It really is a great community to be a part of.  So glad I joined.  Don’t be shy.  Click on the pic and check them out.



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    1. Thanks Enricoh! That was one of the quickest scribbles ever. Haven’t drawn anything in so long. I love birds. I love that they can fly and see things from a perspective we need a plane to see. I think they are beautiful creatures. Especially the swan and eagle.

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