35…Moving Along Swiftly

Yesterday I celebrated my thirty-fifth birthday.  It was quite subdued (not that I ever do wild parties and such).  I can tell that I’m growing older….and it’s not necessarily a bad thing (not counting tripping over my own two feet and still recovering three weeks later).  I can remember my thirtieth birthday like it was yesterday.  I just could not stop crying.  It was one of the saddest happy days of my life simply because I could not believe I was no longer 20-something.  I remember a time when my little cousin told me I was old when I was only 23-years-old (she was just 7-years-old at the time).  That was a time when I thought thirty was so far off.  Yet, here I am…five years shy of forty.


I won’t lie.  I love being in my thirties.  Somehow, I am just so much more sure of myself.  Definitely way more confident and not afraid to speak my mind.  I am a thinker.  Most times an over-thinker.  I try to think of a contingency plan for everything.  I try (very hard) to keep my emotions in check and to use my words when something irks me.  My face, however, is another story.  It is quite eloquent when  expressing my thoughts.



I look back on my life often and just think “Did I really come this far?”.  I was not supposed to make it.  There were so many obstacles…But make it, I did.  That’s what a lot of Grace and a little faith can do.


I try not to make excuses for the goals I didn’t reach.  Instead, I focus on what I can do.  What is possible.  Re-evaluate regularly.  Go forth and conquer.  Look, if one can dream something then there absolutely has to be a way to make it happen.  It’s all about looking into various avenues and growing one’s network.  Being around like-minded people and learning from those who have already made it.


So, yeah…if the Lord deems it to be so and I make it to the big Four Oh…2021 will be a birthday of note.  So here I am at thirty-five.  Mostly happy, reasonably healthy and a whole lot grateful to still be in the land of the living.



Cheers to that!







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6 thoughts on “35…Moving Along Swiftly

  1. A very Happy Belated Birthday to you. No matter how much thinking you do, you can never know where you will end up in this life. And maybe that is a good thing or you might want to check out of this life earlier.

  2. Hip hip hooray wishing you a very happy birthday young lady! Age is but a number I think, and my mantra is always we get this one life so let’s make it count!

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