The Blog Tag – The One Thing I’m Most Proud Of

I do not consider myself to be a great writer…but I try.  Fortunately for me I’ve found this Facebook group called The Blog Tag.  Their aim?  To help those of us who struggle some with topics to help kick us into gear.  I think it’s a fantastic idea. If you’re a blogger who would like to get more active and feel you need some prompting you should consider this as an option.


Well, the theme for this week is “Get To Know Me” and the prompt “The Thing I’m Most Proud Of“.  This had me thinking.  Do I want folks to get to know me?  Not really.  But then, I’ve been pouring myself into my poetry week after week so in a sense you know a little bit about me already.  Strangely enough it is also the thing I’m most proud of – allowing myself to let you peek in…just a little.


You see, I was the girl who knew the words to every song (almost) verbatim.  I’m the one who annoyed my friends with little nerdy not-so-fun-facts.  I was the one who had to note everything.  Jot it down on a piece of paper and write a little poem later.  Make up (now that I’m thinking back) the corniest “love” songs.  Well, love to a fourteen-year-old in the mid-nineties, that is.  I was the girl who, as she grew older, drew deeper and deeper into herself.  Hid the things she really loved.  Told by so many to “just shut up”. Let only a select few in.


Actually, I’m still that girl in quite a great measure…with one difference.  I’ve found my voice.


Blogging has allowed my voice to be heard.  Whether people read or not, it doesn’t matter.  I speak.  I speak via the gearshift of flying keys as the words pour from my heart to a post with the hope that someone is touched.  But also because I have no way to verbalise the words without making some vocal blunder other than by laying it down.  Here.


Here where it might make perfect sense to someone out there.  Where it makes perfect sense to me.  Here where I can go back and read the words of my heart and see how far I’ve come.  Here where I’m very afraid…but yet, not afraid at all.  Here where words are for healing.  For growth.


I guess what I’m trying to say is that the thing I’m most proud of is my belief in myself and the realisation that my voice must be heard.  Should be heard.  Is heard.  If not by you then by me.  I am proud of myself and the fact that I can but only be the best me I can be.  A progressive work-in-progress so to speak.  And I’m okay with me.


So, yeah…thanks to The Blog Tag I have actually had to think of this.  Don’t know if I would’ve admitted it to myself otherwise.


Please check out The Blog Tag on Twitter and Facebook.  Could be really cool to join this patchwork community of beings who navigate the ways of the blogosphere.  I think we could all learn from each other.







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7 thoughts on “The Blog Tag – The One Thing I’m Most Proud Of

  1. I hear you Shelley and I get exactly what you saying! When I blog I feel a release and I know it’s stuff that will contribute to my memoirs and as you say even if it’s not read now it’s there for myself. I’m also wary I’m putting a lot of myself out there but I’m following this quote from the movie now you see….”the closer you look the less you see!”

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