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If you follow my blog you’ll remember a post I did two weeks ago where I set out to share blogs I follow or have found on my journey.  Well, here is the first installment.  Today I bring to you vivabuys (pronounced viva-base).


The human behind vivabuys just so happens to be a cousin that I am so very proud of.  His given name is Victian Buys (again, pronounced Base, oh, and Victian…like victim…just with an “n”) so his blog name is a kind of mashup of his nickname and surname.  Originally from the town of Uitenhage in South Africa’s Eastern Cape he now finds himself to be a citizen of the globe currently based in Abu Dhabi in the Emirates.  I asked him a few questions so we could learn more about him. Below are his responses.  


1. Why do I write?
Wow, why do I write? What a question, in all honestly I have no idea. I write for those old me has hurt by being the glorious asshole that I was. I’m not Romantic Catholic so I don’t go to confession but my writing is a form of confession. So I think I write to free myself if that makes any sense.

2. Do I regret starting a blog?
Nope, how can I? You’re the reason for me starting this blog attempt of mine and I’ve grown so much ever since. (sidenote…I have a habit of getting my way when I spot talent)

3. My favourite post?
It has to be my first, I literally outed myself in that post. After that there was no coming back.                       (another sidenote – I couldn’t find the very first post so I’ll just leave this here…you’re welcome)

4. What has writing taught you?
It taught me freedom, it freed me from a cage I put myself in. It made me realise that I hold the key to the dungeon I put myself in.



5. How do you define success?
I honestly have no idea what success is, simply because I never get comfortable in a position. I feel one should never stop growing, learning and try to better yourself. People that feel they have become successful become comfortable and that is dangerous.

6. Introvert or extrovert?
No brainer, I am a extreme extrovert.

7. Favourite book?
Cliché I know but it has to be A long walk to freedom

The Long Walk to Freedom quotes from goodreads.com

8. Favourite quote?
I actually don’t have a favourite quote but I do have two favourite poems; “Ozymandias” by Percy Bysshe Shelley and “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley

9. Social media Links?
Facebook: Victian Buys (be warned I love politics and post a lot)
Instagram: @vivabuys (loads of food and travelling)
Twitter: @vivabuys (I vent here)
WordPress: https://vivabuys.wordpress.com (this is where I bleed)



Do yourself a favour…have a squizz at vivabuys, the blog.  It makes for excellent reading.  That is not my bias talking.  I really have great respect for the content Victian puts out.  He is a deep-thinker and hecka funny with some heart-wrenching pieces that are worth the read.


Check back here in two weeks when we’ll have another blog featured.


God bless.


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