Keeping An Eye on the Sparrow

I have a puppy.  Maybe I should’nt call her a puppy…hard to believe, but she’s five-years-old….and spoilt…Rotten.  We refer to our dog as our daughter.  She is our only child.  When, eventually, we do have human children, she will be referred to as our eldest.  Many laugh about it.  Ridicule us, actually.  But, that is the way it is.  It’s the make-up of our family.  Daddy, Mommy and Nunu.


Now, Sparrow (that’s her name by the way…patch-eye and stuff) is the cutest thing ever.  Have I mentioned that she’s spoilt? Rotten?  Her dad has a tendency of buying her little outfits whenever he travels abroad.  She has dresses, jackets and even shoes (which she hates).  Everything in  pinks and reds.  Her gran spoils her with snacks when my back is turned.  I actually heard my mom one day saying to her, “Mama can’t give you meat now, my nunu…Your mommy’s watching”.  Her aunt and uncle cuddle and massage at her whim.  And I….well, I am the drill sergeant.

I watch this little bugger manipulate everyone around her.  They all fall for the “cute-factor”.  Well, not I.  I can see her brain working, trying to see how next she can best us mere humans with her superior doggy tricks.  I wonder if dogs can suffer from Napoleon Syndrome…because I’m sure she has it.  Taking on Sam, the Golden Labrador from next door and rottweilers on the beach.  Barking at the pug twins on their daily walk past our house and the dachshund twins across the street.  The only time she barks is when she’s playing “tough dog”.

I really wonder what goes on that that little mind of hers.


She thrives on attention.  Forces it out of you.  Since I started working from home I’ve noticed she doesn’t like not being noticed.  So she’ll come into my office, throw her squeaky toy down at my feet and give me a look that says, “Right, I’ve had enough of this. It’s my time now.  I demand it.”  Literally looking at me down  her nose.  The snip.  She does this about four times a day.  I give in for five seconds and then back to work.  She gives up eventually and goes to bask in the sun…Her favourite past-time.

The day her dad brought her home, I fell in love.  She became a part of me.  With all her antics and her devious little wonderings, she is my daughter and I love her dearly.  I cannot imagine my life without her.  It’s time to down tools for today.  Madame just gave me “the look”.  Family time with Daddy, Mommy and our Sparrow-nunu.

Sparrow EndSparrow Cover

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