#Playlist – 90’s R&B (Female Groups)

Last week I shared some of my favourite male groups from 90’s R&B.  Today its the turn of the ladies.  The female groups were vocally fierce with loads of spice and all things nice.  They had some of the best hookup and breakup songs.  The sisterhood of smooth had some of the greatest tunes around….and of course, killer harmonies.

  1. En Vogue


2. 702


3. SWV (Sisters With Voices)


4. Jade


5. Zhane


These are just some of the groups I love.  Do you like 90’s R&B?  What are some of the girl groups you like.  Share and share alike.  Maybe we have something in common 🙂








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15 thoughts on “#Playlist – 90’s R&B (Female Groups)

  1. I was a Brownstone and Xscape fan. SWV was always my favorite though, Lol. I even inadvertently threw them into a post the other night. Ah, the good old days. That 702 song is still in my iTunes Hahah! -Sam

      1. Truth. You’d think i was stuck in a time capsule if you went by my playlist. I know nothing new but Bruno Mars, lol. I gave up after people like Nelly, Brian McKnight and R. Kelly (before he lost his mind) weren’t doing anything good anymore haha. I prefer even older R&B that actually meant something!

        1. YES!!! Give me some Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrass, Peabo Bryson, Soul for Real anytime. I do like a little Bruno Mars though. And I adore Maxwell. Where was he in the 90’s?

          1. TEDDDDDY! My man, Lol. No one will ever be better. Maxwell, Craig David, I still like Kem, they all fell off tho! Donny Hathaway for sure, and why did Kenny Lattimore never do much?

          2. Then there’s Anthony Hamilton, Musique Soulchild, Percy Sledge, Color Me Bad, Dru Hill, Eric Benet. You have excellent taste in music ?

          3. Love Anthony Hamilton! I only found him a few years ago. Some of the less mainstream people were the best. And i forgot all about Eric Benet! Thanks you too! I love posts about older music and I always jump on them! My solids are Sam Cooke and The Temptations so that kind of leaves me out of most loops these days!

          4. Nice! Do you know Leon Bridges. Very similar in that old style. The River is beautiful but he also sings NOT depressing ones too, like Better Man.

          5. Leon Bridges on tonight’s Tube list?. For a bit of funk from SA look up Mi Casa and Jimmy Nevis, Simphiwe Dana, Ringo Madlingosi, and the great Sibolgile Khumalo

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