In keeping with this week’s “Literature” theme on The Blog Tag the prompt for this post is “Books”.  So…here goes…


“Fount of knowledge” you call me.  The “walking encyclopedia”.  “Nerd”.  “Geek”.  You think you’re coming off as funny…but I detect a distinct note of envy in your voice.  Then there’s the fact you always want to be in my work group for assignments.  I don’t mind it.  It’s, actually, quite amusing.


You always want to be on my team when we play trivia games.  You say it’s only because general knowledge is not your strong suit.  That I always know what you termed “useless information”.  Seems this “useless information” is, in fact, quite useful in board games.  When we win you shout the loudest.  I let you have that little victory.


The thing I don’t get is this…you can know all I know and more…by opening a book.  All the knowledge I have garnered over the years…imparted by books.  Every time I open a book I learn something new.  I love the feeling I get when opening a book for the first time.  Oh, the excitement when the novel I’m reading takes an unexpected turn.  The rush I get from the smell of a new book…


I go back in time and on adventurous rides to epochs long ago and places near and far.  I travel through space and time to deserts and forests and Neverland…All the while being timeless.


Books, they comfort me.  Many of my closest friends dwell within them.  They invite me in every time I open the cover…drawing me in…deeper and deeper till I’m lost in their world.  Opening my mind and broadening my horizons.  Old dogs ARE able to learn new tricks.  It’s been proven time and again.  One is never too old to learn.


Reading is information.

Reading is learning.

Books take you on a journey.

Books are life.



© Shelley Smidt-Booys and [2016]


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